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Tube Top Ten: Musical Cameos on TV Shows

Oh you know those crazy artist types, always showing up where they’re not expected! Sometimes we’ll be fully engrossed in the comforts of TV land, only to be pleasantly surprised or altogether thrown off by the guest appearance of a wonderfully unrelated musician. Watch. Enjoy. Remember the 90s.

10. Alice Cooper on The Muppet Show

Ok. Why.

Cooper shows up as an agent of the devil and the whole episode is entirely un-child-friendly. Thanks, Muppets.

9. Iggy Pop on The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Iggy Pop at a school dance just wanting his daughter to dance with him. Sweet. And SO random. That’s what you get for watching a show about two redheaded brothers with the same name.

8. The Beach Boys on Full House

The Beach Boys had just returned to the pop culture radar with the release of their first #1 hit in 20 years, “Kokomo.” DJ wins concert tickets, the Boys come to the Tanners’ home to perform, and a series-long friendship ensues.

7. Destiny’s Child on Smart Guy

Thanks, Smart Guy, for this gem! Back when there were four children of destiny and amazing grace was their tour bus warm up rather than B’s gig at the inauguration ceremony.

6. NSYNC/Britney Spears/The Violent Femmes on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

God was this a big deal. 90’s pop stars at the point of a finger. Less so, The Violent Femmes. Why the Femmes agreed to go on a show about a teenage witch? I’ll never know.

5. Justin Bieber on CSI

Biebs on the TV! CSI no less! Apparently this was back in his bratty phase – it was reported he locked a producer in a closet during the shoot.

His 2-episode arc ends violently, and, might I add, hysterically.

4. Elvis Costello on Two and a Half Men

I don’t watch this show. You probably don’t either. If you do, explain to me everything Charlie Sheen.

This was the kickoff episode for Season 2. Charlie hosts a male “support group” at his home, including the likes of Bobby Cooper, Sean Penn, Harry Dean Stanton, and of course, Elvis Costello. As themselves, and Sean Penn as particularly sexy.

3. Tina Turner on Ally McBeal

Ally and Elaine are in a competition to be Tina’s backup dancers. Lots of dancing around. Lots of butt shaking. Not that Calista has a butt or any fat on her body whatsoever, for that matter. Surprising winner and, best of all, TINA TURNER being her bad ass self.

Since no clip of this particular dynamic duo duet is available, you can watch the full episode on Netflix HERE, or just watch Tina rock out below:

2. Radiohead on South Park

I feel really really good about this one in a so-wrong-it’s-right kind of way. The band is only on screen for about a minute, long enough for Thom Yorke to tell Cartman’s object of torment at the time, Scott Tenorman, to stop being  “a little crybaby.”

Quick background: Scott Tenorman convinces Cartman to buy his ginger pubes. Cartman takes revenge. He kills Scott’s parents, cooks them into a chili, and tricks poor Scott into, yes, eating them (his parents, sad, ew). Radiohead, Scott’s fave band, shows up and makes fun of him.

Even if you are the least fan of South Park (ladies), you should still watch this episode! Or at least this clip. Yay for extremely talented bands with funny bones.

1. Michael Jackson on The Simpsons

In retrospect, this episode of The Simpsons is beyond poignant. First of all, Homer meets Michael’s character in a mental institution. Yup. Michael voices a sasquatch-sized bricklayer by the name of Leon Kompowsky who is convinced he’s actually Michael Jackson.

Here’s a quote to feel weird and profound about:

“All my life, I was very angry. Until one day, I just talked like this. All of a sudden, everybody was smiling at me and I was only doin’ good on this earth. So I kept on doin’ it. To make a tired point, which one of us is truly crazy?” -Leon Kompowsky (aka Michael Jackson)

For a while it was unknown whether or not the voice truly belonged to Michael. Later, the producers revealed it was, in fact, the King of Pop.


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