“Huang Wu” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

If this week’s episode is any indication, even the best attempts at change will come crashing down.  Plans fall apart, treaties are broken, and there is betrayal all up in this bitch.  This group can’t take two steps without taking at least one back.  But enough with the obvious, this is another 90 minute episode and we got some shit to talk about.


Our story opens with Tara presuming her children have been kidnapped as she now lives in a world of paranoia and fear.  Of course that’s not the case, but this does give Jax a chance to let her know he’s going to be putting some distance between them so “no one gets hurt”.  I hate to break it to you Jax, but it’s a little late for that.  We then start our montage where we see Tara cry for the first of what feels about 100 times in this episode.  She heads to the hospital where she gets a visit from Margaret Murphy.  In many, many words, she tells Tara that now that she’s hit it, she’s quitting it, and she’s taking a vacay to get the hell away from the disaster that has now consumed her life (especially now that Tara has told her Jax knows everything).  Gemma is after her, she’s probably gonna lose her job for forging all of those documents, hell if I were her I would have snuck out in the middle of the night and not said a word.  Margaret leaves Tara and she’s alone, again.  This Jenga game is about 2 turns away from being over.


Tara goes to visit Wendy with Juice on her tail.  Wendy is just beat up from the whole thing and kind of couldn’t care anymore.  Tara confronts her about how she blabbed to Gemma, and how basically she’s fucked everything up.  I get that it’s easy to blame the junkie, but news flash Tara, you brought this on yourself.  It isn’t gonna kill you to take a little responsibility.  She definitely should take responsibility for creaming Juice’s bike.  Poor Juicey, 2nd bike down this season.  What did he do to deserve this?!  Well, I guess I could name a few things but who cares, he’s Juice!

After her bumper cars date, Tara ends up back at the house when Gemma busts in.  Well, she uses her key, but it’s so much more interesting to think of Gemma breaking in.  It’s Old Lady vs New Old Lady and it’s a good one.  Two women who are willing to do basically anything to save their families, and yet they’re at such odds.  I have to say though, for as much as Gemma would probably do something equally as crazy as Tara, I don’t think she would get that dark with it.  Gemma FOR SURE is not a saint, but faking an assault resulting in a fake miscarriage? Yeesh.

tumblr_mw8og0tYEs1s1v10co3_250  tumblr_mw8og0tYEs1s1v10co4_250

Not that she isn’t in full on mama bear mode.  Gemma makes sure to dig in that not only is she without allies, she will soon be without her family too.  Then Gemma lays it out for Tara, she can either leave Charming willingly, or she can leave in a body bag.  My prediction is that either one of these will be the case.  I just can’t foresee a situation where she ends up with the kids.  Her luck doesn’t have the time to turn around that successfully.  Hell there are only 3 eps left, things have officially stopped coming up Tara.

tumblr_mw88zn9yKA1sm4b3io2_250  tumblr_mw88zn9yKA1sm4b3io1_250

Tara finally confronts Juice about the tail, but he lets her know he’s not there for her.  He’s there to make sure the kids don’t go anywhere they’re not supposed to… like somewhere with their mother.  She knows that the only way to get it to stop is for her to confront Jax.  Juice, finally finding a way to get revenge, tells Tara that Jax is at the new Diosa, knowing full well he’s probably balls deep in Colette.

SPOILER ALERT: that’s exactly the case.


Since Tara still loves Jax in some way, she of course goes after Colette with the fury of a UFC fighter trying to win back his title.  What happened to the Girl Code?  Sure, Colette was riding Jax like a sexy bicycle, but she isn’t the one cheating! But I digress.  After the ladies get scrappy, Tara takes off with Jax in tow.  He catches up to her and confronts her about the .38 in her hand.  She’s so disconnected that she doesn’t even realize it’s there. And then it dawns on her.  Who has she become?  What exactly has happened to her?  In her pursuit of saving her children’s lives, she’s actually become the exact thing she was trying to run away from.  She’s let the club straight in her heart and now it’s completely taken over.

Tara is so desperate at this point, she heads to meet with Patterson to talk about the deal.  The only problem?  The deal is now off the table.  Patterson is waiting for Jax to turn over the Irish so she has no use for Tara anymore.  And also Patterson has already gotten her a plea deal to stay out of jail (which only Jax is aware of).  Tara’s only option is to tell Patterson that her and her sons lives are in danger, but she can’t do that, because then her whole plan will come to light and she’ll be in even more trouble.  She has now become acutely aware that no one can help her and in an effort to get her kids out, she’s gotten herself in deeper.  Oh boy, I can’t wait to see how all of this turns out.  My prediction? VERY very badly.


The Tara mess is only one part of the clusterfuck that is this episode.  Next up? The Irish and their guns!  Raise of hands, who is surprised that things are not going according to plan with the Irish?  Anyone?  No one?  That’s what I thought.  It’s come to light that Clay’s case has been moved up and he’s getting shipped off to county the next day which means plan “break Clay out of jail and send him to Ireland” is now gonna have to be done in double time.  Gaalan called Chibbs to let him know they needed to meet ASAP for reasons they don’t know yet.  But they find out when Gaalan let’s them know that they need to close the Cacuzza Italian gang on board because Clay is set to be moved to a new location the next day.  Jax is down to convince the Italians to agree to the Clay gun-running from Ireland plan but his agreement of that includes the gang helping out the Irish bust Clay out of his transport.  Of course the guys don’t want to do it, but it’s also kind of the only way for them to get away from the guns.  If Clay doesn’t make it out of prison, then they are all royally screwed.


This is always the part of this show that confuses me more than the study of physics.  Any time the gun dealings are involved I get dizzy in the brains.  Kurt loves to throw back to previous episodes and seasons, so it’s really easy to forget who everyone is.  When the hell were the Italians involved? Season 3?  I literally do not remember.  And what about the Chinese now?  This entire part of this episode lost me.  But for the sake of anyone reading this, here I go.

The Cacuzza are trying to decide who to get their guns from.  They’ve always gone along with Clay, but now that they heard the Sons were out of the game, their Chinese option is on the table.  Of course they want to see the wares before they decide, so Jax and Co head out for a little dog and pony show.  Their chat is quickly interrupted by the Irish showing up who then decide to take over the demonstration.  As all of this is happening, the Chinese show up (how and why I still do not know) and Gaalan decides to the Italians what the guns can really do by taking out two of the Chinese guys.  I’m going to assume Gaalan’s show of force is to let Cacuzza know that they mean business aka don’t buy our guns and we kill you.

Due to Gaalan’s unusual tactics, the Italians agree to do business with the Irish.  For the moment things are going according to plan but Jax knows this Chinese stuff isn’t going to blow over well.  They keep thinking they are so close to getting out, but every step they take is actually one step farther away.


The Sons know they have to find some way to convince the Chinese that they weren’t a part of the plan but really who is going to believe them.  As the Sons ride back from their meet and greet, the Chinese are on their tails and a fun little car chase ensues.  It’s not the craziest one we’ve ever seen, but we do get to see Jax bust through a gate and wipe out.  The gang ends up surrounded, outnumbered, and face down in the dirt of the docks.  Thankfully the Leader Lin doesn’t want them dead, because if he did, he would have already killed them 6 times by now.  Is this some ancient proverb?  Because I’m pretty sure you can’t kill someone 6 times.  What Lin really wants is to shut out the Irish and take over the gun pipeline.  Can this get anymore complicated?  Jax vaguely tells him about the “Irish gun drop” happening the next day and off they go (without Happy, who agreed to stay behind as collateral).

So to recap my recap, the Irish and the Sons are going to try to bust Clay out of his prison caravan, but the feds will show up per Jax’s call to Patterson, and then he’s probably going to tell the Chinese to show up.  It would be one way to get out of the gun business for good… And also probably all end up six feet under, but hey, no more guns right?  I just can’t anymore with this shit.  TOO MANY PEOPLE, NOT ENOUGH DETAILS.



I really enjoyed the Nero/Unser dynamic this week.  They’re really the two angels in this show and it was fun to watch them play off each other.  They also manage to save Wendy from an impending stove fire, so that was their good deed of the week.  Speaking of Wendy, homegurl is a mess.  She’s still so twisted about what she did for trying to help Tara, and try as she might, she’s gotten herself right back on the junk.  We’ll find out soon enough if she’s going to go to rehab, or stay with Gemma in her “If you use again I’ll rip your tits off” rehab.

Clay gave all of his personal assets to Gemma in his version of a divorce.  Since he’s convinced he’ll get out and ship off to Ireland, he won’t be able to give her a real divorce since he won’t be Clay Morrow anymore.  I’m not sure if it’s a set up for things to come, but maybe Kurt is just letting us watch Clay make an attempt at redemption.  You really never know with this show.

Just one final note, you all should really listen to The White Buffalo song from the end montage of the show. Listen to the song here.  It’s excellent.  This show has some of the best music out there.


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