“You Are my Sunshine” Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

Welcome back you crow eaters!!  Have a good Thanksgiving break?  I’m sure it’s hard to remember how restful it was since your heart is probably still in your throat from last night.  We now only have 1 episode left so all of the things are happening all of the time.  This episode was full of kidnapping, many many murders, lies, secrets, naked Juice butt, I mean you name it, it probably happened.  Well enough with my jibber jabber, lets get to recapping!


“C’mon, Teller, who you kidding.”  Basically the most appropriate quote of the evening courtesy of Tyler, the head of the One-Niners.  It was a response to Jax saying he wouldn’t be seeing the Niners soon, but it was really applicable to about everything he did this episode.  Our story begins with D.A Patterson and Jax having their own recap session in regards to his “delivery” of Gaalan and the guns.  She’s still ticked she got played like a fiddle but he did give her what he promised.  I guess we’ll find out in the finale if that was enough for her or not.

The boys go to meet up with Connor to “warn him” about the imminent Chinese threat.  It’s a totally valid threat, but Jax is just playing a game of chess trying to get the Kings backed into a corner.  And you’ve heard it here first people, a chess joke based on a show about violence and chaos.  I guess there’s a first time for everything.  Anyhoooooo, Jax tells Connor to send the guns to the warehouse but not before taking out two more Irish cronies because dead men tell no tales, or they’re collateral.


Oh Tig, please never stop being you.  If it weren’t for you this show would be so in the dark even Mr. Riddick himself would need new night vision goggles.  The Chinese show up at the barn but the head honcho, Lin, isn’t pleased because he wanted to kill the Irish himself, which I get cuz revenge is a dish best served cold and directly from the revenger.  If the Sons can deliver Connor to Lin, he’ll let Happy go.  The boys head back to see Connor to update him on the “heist” of the gun truck and the murder of his two guys.  This is becoming a spiderweb of lies.  I can’t believe Jax can keep them all straight.  Jax reminds Connor that they are just sitting ducks if they don’t get into business with Marks.  Jax is just trying to close every door so only one leads to a deal where he can get out safely.  Safely being a relative term but it’s the best he thinks he can do.

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The Sons and the only remaining IRA guys left head back to the barn under the guise of Connor meeting with Marks.  But surprise!  It was a set up for the Chinese.  Oh but wait, surprise again!  It was actually a set up for the Niners to take out the Chinese while they thought they were going to get to take out Connor.  It’s a setupception!!  Can I trade mark that?  Now that the Chinese have been taken out completely, with Happy getting his own version of revenge, Mr. Marks delivers his pitch as to why he should be in control of the guns.  I would hand it over to him just on the promise of an awkwardly long hug, but that’s just me.  Connor agrees to take back the very good proposition to the Kings and Marks agrees to take the bounty off of Tig’s head.  Yes, that was still a thing, I know it’s been a while since it’s been brought up.  But now it’s not a thing!

While all of this brew-ha-ha is going on, Nero has his own club stuff to deal with.  Fiasco, with a shiny new set of teeth lays it all out on the table for Nero.  What’s left of the Byzlats is worried they’re going to get buried along with all the other bodies that the Sons leave in their wake.  With Nero in bed with them (literally and figuratively) they’re afraid they’ve lost their OG and are going to be dust in the wind.  Fiasco tells him that Alvarez (from the previous seasons) is willing to offer help.


In many more words, Alvarez tells Nero how Jax shaking up the gun situation, it has also shaken up the power structure.  I’m not really up on my street gang politics, but it could spell bad news for the Byzlats if the Mayans open a chapter near their hood.  Maybe, I think.  All of this is also going to mess up Nero’s relationship with the Sons, but really it’s like adding lighter fluid to a building on fire that contains only explosives.  I’m not sure if this part of the storyline will be resolved in the next ep, but with the “yellow” now out of the picture, it might spell a little bit of a different story.

Now here is the moment we’ve sort of all been waiting for, the break of Juice.  Bobby, in his pilled out, slightly drunk, blood loss state of mind tells Juice to “Go to Diosa, get a massage, drop a few oxy, get some head” which probably isn’t the best suggestion considering Juice looks like he’s going to do something psychotic at any moment.  But he takes Bobby’s advice, and a bit too many of his Oxy’s, and heads to Diosa.


By the time he gets to Diosa, he’s barely on his own feet.  Lyla manages to get him to a room where he proceeds to lose his marbles.  The guilt of everything he has done overcomes him and he makes his 2nd attempt at suicide in the series.  Thankfully his lady of the evening finds him and Gemma and Nero are off to save him.  After a couple of minutes of forced vomiting, Nero and Juice end up alone.  Since Juice is still looped out of his head, his apologies start leaking out, until he spills that it was he who killed Darvany at Jax’s request.  It was an incredibly sad moment watching Juice sob on the floor, really just wanting to die for what he did.  I say this time and time again, this show really knows how show and not tell.


Of course Nero doesn’t know what to think, since he believed that Jax wasn’t a part of her death.  After hearing from Gemma that Tara took the boys (which we’ll get to in a moment) he heads over to Jax’s house still wondering what he is going to do.  In silence we get to watch every emotion flow through him.  He hates Jax for what he did, but he’s so sorry for him that his boys were taken.  Nero is a bigger man than us all, so he takes the high road, and comforts Jax as two club/gang leaders know how.  It is also probably due in part to the pain he feels for Gemma losing her grandsons.  It’ll be really interesting to see what Nero does.  I think he knows there’s been enough violence in their partnership, so I have a feeling Nero is going to take the hurting him emotionally road.


Speaking of emotional pain, Tara, Tara, Tara.  What are we going to do with you?  Last we left her, she was debating her choice to hand over the bullet for protection.  While at the cabin, Patterson calls Tara with the “good news” that the ATF has drawn up the paperwork for her and the boys to go into Witsec and get immunity for her turning over the bullet and testifying.  She’s still not sure she’s going to do it, but she agrees to meet with Patterson and the ATF agent.  She arrives at her office to find Gemma there claiming to be on a mission to get Wendy some anti-nausua drugs.  Tara manages to usher her out, but not before Gemma has a loaded conversation with Patterson.  Saying so much without saying much at all.  You could cut that tension with a plastic spoon.

Tara lays out her end of the bargain to Patterson.  She wants to make sure that the paperwork will really protect her and the boys, then she’ll hand over the bullet. She obviously still hasn’t made up her mind and is just doing all of this as a stall tactic.  She agrees to meet Patterson and the ATF agent at 6:00pm if the deal is up to her liking.  Of course Patterson and the agent know she’s just stalling, but you can tell they’re reeaallllllllllyyyyy hoping she comes through.  Basically Tara has 3 options.  Ruin the club, end up in jail, or end up 6 feet under.  They all sound like so much fun!  Except not, at all.


There’s finally some real emotion from her towards Jax.  They’re not exactly good emotions, but they’re emotions.  Despite all that she has done, Jax still wants to help her with everything.  She whispers sorry to him, and I think it’s not only for everything she has done, but for what she’s about to do.  Which starts with her sneaking out of the cabin.  She calls Gemma to convince her that she needs help with Bobby, so she’ll be out of dodge when Tara goes to get the boys.  When she arrives at the house, Unser and Wendy are there, and quickly realize what she is up to.  She pulls a gun on Unser and demands that he let her out, but not before Wendy chimes in to Abel that she is his real mother.  I totally understand the emotion behind it, but probably not the best time to be blurting out things like that.

While Tara is on the road, Gemma gets the heads up that Tara has taken the boys.  She then calls Jax and Nero and they all head to Jax’s house.  Of course all the boys stuff is gone and they all realize she’s really out of there.  She’s actually at a run down motel off an unknown highway in the middle of somewhere probably wondering what the hell she is going to do next.  She knows her deal with the DA is done, and that Jax will probably come after her, so she’s pretty much a scared deer running away from a pack of hyenas with only the hope that she can run faster than them.


Back at Jax’s house, Gemma puts two and two together that Tara sold out the club because of her run-in with Patterson at the hospital.  Jax proceeds to lose his mind, and destroys his sons room in anger.  She took his sons, and in his mind, destroyed the club.  Our scene ends quietly, like the calm before a raging clusterfuck of a storm.  Basically the only words I could muster at the end of this were “Oh shit, oh fuck, oh no, oh god.”  This house of cards is going to come crashing down next week, and I’m genuinely afraid of what will happen.  Will Tara get away?  Will Jax or the sheriffs get to her first? Will Juice be alive after his “scenes from next week” chat with Jax?  Will Nero cut ties with the club?  What about the boys?  SO MANY QUESTIONS AND FEELINGS.

Thankfully we all have a week to process before it all comes to an end.  I hope you’ve stocked up on tissues, have a friends hand to hold, and maybe a drug of choice, cuz you’re gonna need it.


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