Sons of Anarchy Season Finale: Top 10 Most WTF Moments

I don’t know about all of you but I’m still reeling from this weeks season finale of Sons of Anarchy.  My jaw hit the floor so many times it looks like I got knocked out in one round of a boxing match.  So much went on that I almost felt like transcribing the episode and pasting it here, but since that’s boring and not even really a recap, I’ve decided to count down the Top 10 most WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK moments of the episode.

#10:  Jax’s opening voice over

tumblr_mxn95bhD5A1qiyepco1_250  tumblr_mxn95bhD5A1qiyepco4_250

Ok, so this might not really be a WTF moment, but it was a really honest moment that we don’t always get to see.  In the past few episodes, it really seemed as though he had everything under control, but in fact, he’s realizing how much he was spinning out.  In the beginning of the series, he always took the moral high road, but we’ve watched him succumb to the power of the presidency.  In his need to make things right, he’s actually made everything wrong.  It was also incredibly appropriate and equally heart breaking for him to be doing this while on Opie’s grave.  Ope really was his center and Jax hasn’t been the same since his death.

#9 Nero and Gemma breaking up


I assume most people didn’t think this was much of a surprise, but I wasn’t exactly expecting it to go down like that.  His desperation to run away with her was something we never see from the gentle King Nero.  Out of anyone on this show it always seemed like he had it most together.  He truly loves Gemma, but the pressure from the club and the Mayans seems to be a bit too much for him to handle.  Can’t say I blame him.

#8 Patterson getting real with Jax


“Own your place”.  Probably the most pivotal line of the episode.  Patterson is tired of playing games with with the club, and she finally lays it all out on the table for Jax.  She confronts him with the fact that whatever he does in regards to Tara, everything will fall back on him.  Is he willing to let her pay the price for his decisions?  It’s what he’s been trying to avoid this whole time, but now it’s all been put in perspective by Patterson.  I haven’t always liked her this season, but this moment brought me around to her side.  She realizes she’s made mistakes out of desperation along the way as well, and I feel like this was admitting her faults as much as showing Jax his.

#7 Jax confronting Juice


Oh Juice, why’d you have to go and fuck everything up?  Your guilt and sorrow is probably going to get you killed.  Thanks to Gemma’s little pep talk earlier in the episode, Juice thought he had gotten off scott free with the admission to Nero, but oops no deal as Nero confronts Jax with his new information.  Juice has proven time and time again that he’s a loose cannon about to explode so I have a feeling Jax won’t let him hang around much longer.

#6 Jax and Alvarez’s walk and talk


A meeting of the minds as it were.  Alvarez let’s Jax know how much he fucked shit up by getting out the gun game.  Everyone had trusted Jax and the sons to keep everyone honest, but now with the Sons out of the game, it’s every man for himself.  Alvarez wanted the gun trade for his own, but Jax reminds him that Marks has the means and the money to keep it going and that the balance of power won’t be thrown off.  Jax’s solution is to have Marks meet with Alvarez to hear his deal points and then everything will go back to normal.  Or so Jax thinks.  Alvarez also gives him a heads up that they’ll be opening a chapter in Stockton, which is going to make everything a little more difficult for the Sons with their new business plans.  Some big problems coming from “taco nation”.

#5 Jax and Tara’s first mtg


It’s not surprising that Jax managed to find Tara before the cops but none the less, it still scares Tara shitless.  She knows that the only option is for them to kill her so she can’t flip on the club.  She begs Jax to not do it in front of the boys, but little does she know that it’s not why Jax is there.  He doesn’t want his sons to follow the same life he has, and he only wants her to raise them to be the best men they can be.  He tells her she doesn’t have to run anymore, because he won’t let what he’s done fall on her.  It’s an incredibly raw moment for the both of them having to admit to their own fates.

#4 Mayans killing the 9ers


Well that threw a wrench into everything didn’t it?  This whole “black and white” vs “brown and yellow” thing is really going to get out of hand next season.  With the death of most a good chunk of the Chinese, and now the death of a bunch of One-Niners, it’s going to be a bloody mess.  The balance of power has been thrown off it’s axis and there are going be a lot of bodies before everything gets back in line.  The even crazier part of this is the guys not telling Jax this news.  He thinks he’s going to be in prison and all will be well in the land of the Sons but really it’s only getting worse.  I understand why they didn’t tell him, but yikes, I wouldn’t want to be there if/when they do.

#3 Juice killing Eli


Raise your hand if you saw that coming?  Glad I’m not the only one!  This is one of those deaths where I feel genuinely bad.  Granted I do feel a lot of pain about some others, but he was always the innocent one.  He played by the rules, but knew when he had to bend them.  He even confronted Patterson when he felt she was going off the handle.  The pain in his eyes when he told Gemma that Tara didn’t rat.  UGH.  He always wanted the greater good for Charming, and he ultimately died for that.  It was interesting though that it was Juice that pulled the trigger, as he and Eli have a long, sordid history together.  It was going to come to ahead at some point and it just so happened to be Juice covering for Gemma.

#2 Jax telling Patterson he’ll turn himself in


This was one of the more amazing moments of the episode.  It was probably also the most uplifting, which says a lot about how dark this show is.  Jax was finally taking responsibility for everything he’s done over this season, and past ones.  He’s been so busy trying to make things right, that he made them worse, and if he had done this from the start, the club and his family would be in a few less pieces.  But then of course this wouldn’t be the show we’ve all come to love (and hate at the same time).  I was really impressed by his willingness to take the brunt, knowing that his sons and wife would still get to keep on living.  Little does he know that this act of valor is what ends up destroying him in the end.  Every time he does something in pursuit of making things right, he only makes them worse.

#1 Gemma killing Tara


And now we’ve arrived at the most WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US WHY ARE YOU RUINING MY LIFE moment of the episode, Gemma ending Tara’s life.  After Gemma finds out that Jax is going to jail, she assumes that Tara flipped, and she basically goes into a psychotic break.  She thinks she’ll never see her grandsons again, and now Tara is sending her only son to prison.  She doesn’t even really recognize what she’s done until it’s obviously too late.  She was so convinced that she was doing “a mother’s work” that it takes Eli to tell her what a grave mistake she made.  I have to assume that at some point next season Jax will find out that it was Gemma who did it, but I’m interested to see who he will think has done it up until that point.  Maybe Nero with his comment about Karma?  Maybe Juice knowing that he’s going to be dead anyways?  Maybe retaliation from the Mayans?  All I know is that we are going to see an even more broken Jax when this story comes back, and it’s going to be a bloody mess of a season.  Yes, even more so then this one.

Well you sons of bitches, that’s it for me.  It’s been a pleasure recapping this saga over the past 13 weeks.   I leave you with this image, since it’s what Kurt left his audience with, for one reason, to show that it’s not going to get any better.



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