Streaming Christmas (on TV)

Tis the season of 4 o’clock sunsets and extended Netflix viewing hours. So Dana Kitchens compiled this list of some of her favorite shows’ Christmas episodes to last you through the longer nights.
Roman Holiday
Gossip Girl: For family drama that’s worse than yours, and the true meaning of mo’ money mo’ problems.
1.11 Roman Holiday
4.11 The Townie
30 RockFor laughs and raps and very ugly sweaters.
2.9 Ludachristmas
3.6 Christmas Special
4.8 Secret Santa
5.10 Christmas Attack Zone
Desperate Housewives: For spending Christmas in suburbia.
3.10 The Miracle Song
6.10 Boom Crunch
Mad MenFor stylish nostalgics (and those of us who can’t resist Joan in a red dress…)
4.2 Christmas Comes But Once a Year
5.10 Christmas Waltz
Arrested DevelopmentFor faux-religion and the true meaning of “Cultural Christianity.”
1.8 In God We Trust
2.6 Afternoon Delight
The OfficeFor all you poor unfortunate souls forced to work during the holidays.
2.10 Christmas Party
3.10/11 A Benihana Christmas
5.11 Moroccan Christmas
6.13 Secret Santa
7.11/12 Classy Christmas
8.10 Christmas Wishes
Dawson’s CreekFor anyone returning to a high school reunion.
4.9 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
6.10 Merry Mayhem
Happy Holidays! May yours be merry, bright, and filled with Netflix.

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