Do Yourself A Favor and Watch Ep. 1 of JGL’s “HitRecord on TV” Right Now.

Wunderkind Joseph Gordon-Levitt just dropped the first episode of his new TV show HitRecord on TV and it is nothing short of inspiring and beautiful. Here it is.

The show is a 22 minute variety show featuring contributions from his collaborative creative community, is a social network where artists of all kinds – visual, musical, whatever you can imagine – can upload their projects, and other artists in the community can build upon them. When something gains popularity, JGL and his team will take a look at it, improve upon it, and professionally produce and distribute it. Plus, one of the coolest aspects is that everyone who contributes to the final project gets a portion of the profits.

HitRecord on TV features multiple projects around a single theme. It uses the same collaborative model, but instead of producing a single piece of art, the show features multiple projects – songs, skits, shorts – which JGL showcases in a theater (plus a lot of damn good editing). It premiered on YouTube yesterday but will premiere on Pivot on on January 18 – which you should tune into because Pivot is part of what’s making this all possible, and is awesome for a lot of reasons.

Overall, it was so refreshing to see faces of artists and normals from all over the world on a national stage. The messages are so positive (the theme of this episode is “1”), and the vision of this show speaks to the way I, we, whatever see art far more than the closed, exclusive club that is entertainment. I’m personally inspired and so excited to share this with you. Enjoy.

Whatever you say, JGL.

Whatever you say, JGL.


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