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Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!

This post from @krausing_tiger perfectly captures the TubeTopian love of how media (books, tv, film, ETC) can engender such a specific and beautiful connection with its readers/watchers. And, more specifically, gives an example of how this looks when it’s done well, and what it looks like when it fails. Enjoy.


Last June I finally read The Great Gatsby while on a family vacation in Healdsburg, a sleepy Sonoma-adjacent wine town. Despite it being a classic, I never read the book because by transferring after junior year of high school, I missed out on reading the classics required junior year by my first school, and sophomore year by my second. Anyway, we stayed in a house overlooking vineyards, in the sweltering heat, sitting by a pool and swimming in the Russian River. It was the perfect setting in which to delve into Fitzgerald’s masterpiece- what I soon came to recognize as a close to perfect book. It was beautifully written, and afforded me a glimpse into the lives, minds and absurdity of some beautiful, misguided people. “Careless” people, to borrow a phrase from the master.

I read it quickly, as it flows so easily from page to brain to heart –…

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