Downton Abbey Season 4: A Year in Mehview

Here’s what I remember about Season 4 of Downton Abbey without looking at any recaps, relevant memes, clip highlights, etc.

Lady Mary was sad, and then she became happy!

Never will I fill the hole in my hear - wait, you guys both like me?!

Never will I fill the hole in my hear – wait, you guys both like me?!

Carson was really hilarious and wonderful when a black dude showed up.

I decided Cora was a “flibbertigibit” of a mother, in that she had every intention of being supportive and loving but no idea how to get her head out of the clouds and actually help her children.

Lady Edith continues to get a raw deal.

Paul Giamatti was there!

Costuming by Snoop Dogg.

Costuming by Snoop Dogg.

These are the things I vaguely remember, but about which I give zero shits.

Mr. Bates prolly killed someone in a murderous, revenge-driven rage.

Some Kitchen Nightmares involving a love triangle between three really just remarkably pale people.

That's hot.

That’s hot.

Rose was rebellious. Yawn.

Tom Branson was randy. Sort of. Man he just can’t catch a break… and I just don’t care.

Here is the ultimate Rose, and the ultimate Thorn.

Anna’s god-awful, really surprising, just terrible rape. Downton will never be the same.

The feels :(

The feels 😦

Lady Mary’s pig-farming martyrdom and cross-pen romance.

That's hot.

That’s hot.

If you’re a Tube Top follower, you may have noticed that the abbeys of Downton have been entirely absent from the bloggingz this season. In the past we’ve commented on their heavy-handedness, their awful patriarchal mess (RIP SYB SYB), and just some general love-festing. But this season there was just…. nothing to say. I actually think this was one of the more entertaining seasons of Downton. They didn’t drag out any plotline excruciatingly long like they did with Bates’ arrest/trial/whatever who cares, and though Mary’s inevitable love triangle was obvious it was much more entertaining to watch than Matthew’s paralysis, other wife, cousin luv, and all that baby mama drama. Plus, I really loved the ending where Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes (who was, PS, the hero of this season) hold hands as they amble, care-free into the sea.

So yes, Downton did move along at a faster clip, and had some really delightful moments – I’ll give them that. But every theme – including the overarching PAST V PRESENT – had been done before, and none was looked at in a particularly interesting way. Nothing I wanted to dig my teeth into in more than 140 characters, that is. So, season 4of Downton Abbey was an enjoyable romp and I lurved seeing all of my favorite constipated-with-emotion faces. But this season really cemented it as the Daytime Drama of public television… just with a way higher production value.

I wish I could quit you.

I wish I could quit you.

Eh, I’ll take it. See you next season, Crawley fam!


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