Unreleased Daft Punk/Jay-Z Song Surfaces; Jay-Z’s Pretty Mediocre, But I Guess It’s Kinda Cool

Sorry guys, just felt the need to fit all of my emotions into the title there.

Here it is.

Honestly I’m not mad at it. It’s kind of like a love anthem for the digital age (AS IF THAT DOESN’T EXIST ALREADY). Like a really conflicted love anthem that asserts “everyone will be computerized” but still talks about Blackberry’s/sextin’ but still has a bumpin future-y beat. Whatever, it’s spacey and has great momentum and I could get down on the elliptical to this shit.

There is some internet debate over whether it’s real. Pitchfork says “yes, definitely” but Noisey (Vice’s music pub) says “no wai, it’s a sham.

From where I stand, these lyrics, “I don’t know how I feel/somebody tell me/what’s real” gives me an exxxxcellent excuse to resurface this, so I’m really good with it either way.

"who am i?" - lil Dafty

“who am i?” – lil Dafty


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