Interview With A Fan-pire: Childrens Hospital Edition

In this series, we interview fans about their favorite shows, having no knowledge of the show ourselves. Here, we asked Josh “ArtsyPriest” Meisel about Childrens Hospital. Presenting…


So Josh, what is Children’s Hospital about?

Hmm, so you don’t know anything about it?


Children’s Hospital is a 15 minute adult swim show. It is a spoof … it’s like a fake show, basically. I guess the main show that it parodies is medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and House. But it’s really just a bonkers, off-the-wall, surrealist comedy.



So, what’s it about?

Uhhh… it really changes every episode.


I guess it’s somewhat like sketch comedy. Although characters do reoccur. For instance, there’s by no means any main character. And it’s my favorite show.

What do you think that says about you?

I like, I love, I embrace the absurd.

What kind of absurd? Because I feel like sometimes people just don’t “get” absurd humor. And there’s a really big difference between “absurd” and “random.” And i think random is kind of retarded, but i like nothing more than the really outlandish shit. So how is it absurd?


Can you give me an example?

It seems from my understanding it is well received by, um. A vast audience?

How is that an example of how it’s absurd?

Ooooh… it’s more absurd than random. For instance, the laws of nature and physics will be violated in a clever way.

Can you speak like i’m not typing what you’re saying?

Childrens Hospital

Ok fine. So i’m not like, an authority on this. The last episode I saw was about imaginary friends in the hospital ward. You couldn’t coherently follow if the imaginary friends were real or not.

Do you remember a good joke?

I feel like I was tired when I watched it. I’m doing a bad job. You shouldn’t print this. I guess if it’s my favorite show I should remember like, one joke from it, right?

Yeah, maybe. I dunno. 

What’s your favorite show? Can you name a joke from it?

This isn’t about me josh. Please tell me more about children’s hospital. 

I can remember watching one that I think was hilarious, but it’s so absurd… I think there was a big concert? It takes place in Brazil for no reason. Every once in a while they’ll mention how they’re in Brazil. So this season they’ve been on an army base in Japan. We should watch an episode, it’s so funny. They were gonna do a USO benefit… and then at the end they just had someone announce these celebrities coming onto the stage. And they were hot female characters, but they were played by gross men. And I think that everyone just accepted that they were them… and it got to my belly, and made me laugh.

Ok so, I feel like I don’t really have a great understanding of what this show is about. I take that it’s animated? 


Oh. Well, who’s in it?


Rob Corddry is one of the creators and stars. Rob Huebel.

Ok I don’t care, i just imagined it was animated.

Megan Mulally. You know her?

I love her!

So ya, Rob Cordry is the closest thing there is to a main character, and he’s in clown makeup the whole time. He’s the Patch Adams. And of course the lovely Lake Bell is in it.

I love her too! So why is he in clown makeup? He just is?

He believes in the healing power of laughter. Also, he’s genetically a clown.

Alright, I feel like I have a somewhat better sense of this show now. It helps that it’s live action not animated, as I thought. It looks pretty hilarious, I might check it out. Thanks Josh!



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