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RIP TV Without Pity: Our Blogz Will Go On

Sad news today that the increasingly evil NBCUniversal Comcast monster is shutting down two of their acquired content sites: The Daily Candy, and our TV bloggers-in-arms Television Without Pity. TVWP was one of the first on the digital scene that embodied our own Tube Top motto: that TV, film, culture,  is something worth talking about. Plus, they were pretty fuckin’ funny while they were at it, which is equally important.

We cry because we're unhappy, and we're unhappy because we cry.

We cry because we’re unhappy, and we’re unhappy because we cry.

We’re pretty sure that writing about tv and culture is still important. The issue here was a money, bottom line one that Comcast was too much of a global conglomerate with other irons in the fire to figure out. For where we stand, ca$$$h is a really important but it’s not the only factor to consider in the art-criticism-consumption circle. Additionally, maintaining an arm for viable dissections + discussions of art is not an impossible feat either, and a crucial one in this digital age. Innovative media companies maintain interesting social + blogging presences, inspiring writers tell us decoding the meaning of celebrity and art is a crucial part of cultural evolution, and books that reminisce about what it’s like to grow up in a particular cultural age continue to be the best ones. Plus, we really like talking about all things pop culture, and prefer to feel our feelings about the entertainment that shapes our lives online, in public.

So let’s keep fighting the good fight and keep the corporate monsters at bay, ok?

The latest recruits at Comcast.

The latest recruits at Comcast.


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