ZOMG New Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Song (+ Album)!

AAAhhhhhhh, youth. The golden age of indie era band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah will forever hold a place in my heart and identity as someone who like, learned how to use the internet for coolness and stuff circa 2005. I even shelled out some $$ to get my hands on a limted run Jason Munn CYHSY poster at the 2008 Treasure Island Music Festival (b4 festivals were lame, guys), promptly put it in a black plastic frame (CLASSY!), and still have it in my room 2 showcase my tastes.

It's ART, right?!

It’s ART, right?!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has been, not dormant, per se, but a lil’ quiet of late? They had an EP last year but like I guess I wasn’t really paying attention. Anyway, today, they dropped a new track with vocals from The National’s Matt Berninger and announced a new LP!! The song is called “Coming Down” and it’s a little more subdued than some of my 2005 fav’s, but still has that yowling and howling CYHSY sound that i luv. Anyway, take a listen for yourself and bask in the glow of indie rockz gone by.



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