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Wait, it’s summer TV time already?

For the last three or four weeks, I have been on hiatus, which is basically the TV writer equivalent of unemployment meets vacation. During said hiatus, I frolicked around the (55 and sunny WHAT?) East Coast, left my laptop and all thoughts of writing in my backpack, forgot how to eat well, and fully gave up technology for like, at least four hours. So, when I got home to find it was 100 degrees in LA, my reaction was obvi along on the lines of “Oh great. It’s summer already. I JUST got back and I’ve already missed like half of Louie, Inside Amy Schumer, Fargo, and my beloved Devious Maids!” To that I say… time flies when you’re having fun?!? JK JK what I meant was WTF this is so intimidating I have so many hours of quality television to catch up on.

Since nothing makes me feel more insecure than being behind the times on quality television, I decided to make a list-post of all the awesome summer shows I’m NOT behind on. Then we can watch them together and talk about them all summer, ok? Ok.

First things first, Orange Is Obviously The New BACK ON JUNE 6TH. THAT IS THIS FRIDAY AKA TWO DAYS FROM NOW.


If you haven’t seen Season 1 of this show in its entirety then you’ve been living under a rock, but you still have time to catch up on Netflix, get super invested in at least 3-5 story lines, and learn about Chicken Wisdom. I’m speaking from experience here – my first-round watch of the first season took less than 48 hours. Watch the Season 2 Trailer HERE… over and over again in anticipation.

Pause for an hour or so from your Orange Binge to check out the new Starz show Power on Saturday night at 9pm.


Produced by 50 Cent and written by Courtney Kemp-Agboh, the hour-long dark drama stars Omari Hardwick as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, drug dealer kingpin of New York x nightclub owner, complete with sexy wife, heart of (mostly) gold, and good-guy-desire to start fresh and go legit. There’s an old ex from the past, a token #2 best friend with his own motivations, and occasional cameos by Fiddy. What more could we want from a Chris Albrecht original? You can watch the first episode for free… after that you’re either subscribing to Starz or illegally downloading.

After you watch all of OITNB and start POWER this weekend, you can top off your TV binge Sunday night with Game of Thrones (duh) then AMC’s new period piece Halt & Catch Fire. With a staff chock full of crazy amazing writers and a pilot that’s already been online for months, Halt & Catch Fire is set against the backdrop of the 1980’s, and follows IBM’s rise to power in the personal computing industry. That’s right, Dramatic Pre-Silicon Valley Silicon Valley story! Full of dreams and ambition, and bereft of references to Steve Jobs. Love it.



Yes, this show already “officially” premiered last Sunday. So you’re technically already behind. Catch up HERE to watch the first *~*NEW*~* episode this Sunday.

Come Monday, take a break from premieres for a few weeks and spend that time catching up with your old friends Amy and Louie. You have until June 27th. At which point the highly anticipated Boy Meets World reboot, GIRL MEETS WORLD – crazy creative title, I know – premieres on the Disney channel!
While I haven’t actually watched the Disney Channel since Boy Meets World went off the air, and don’t even remember if Boy Meets World was definitely on the Disney Channel, I can’t wait for Cory and Topanga to return to the small screen. WITH A DAUGHTER. THAT’S RIGHT GUYS, THEY MADE IT TO PARENTHOOD. Also, Ben Savage is the new Mr. Feeny.
Following the Friday premiere of Girl Meets World is the inevitable requisite new HBO pretentious drama: The Leftovers. An adaptation of Tom Perrotta’s same-named-novel, the drama begins in medias res – three years after a notable two percent of the world’s population completely disappeared. The remaining people on earth – perhaps these are “the leftovers?” – include Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Chris Eccleston, and Liv Tyler. And it’s HBO so we’ll probably get to see Liv Tyler’s boobs. Sexy.
Confession: I’m not that excited about this show, but feel compelled to watch it because of the Lost hype. Also, I’ve also never watched Lost, so maybe that has something to do with it.
Then comes July, and with it, the only Network TV premiere to be excited about all summer! Extant. Those working in the industry will be familiar with this show aka have heard about it nonstop since CBS picked it up straight to series last development season. Created and written by Mickey Fisher, who was discovered by WME after winning a pilot contest (awesome), Extant stars Big Screen Sex Goddess Halle Berry as a female astronaut, who returns to earth, and her unsuspecting family, less alone than she was when she left. I don’t even want to summarize it any more because I won’t do it justice so here’s the trailer.

Masters of Sex (Showtime, July 13th,  is the next must-see-TV show of the summer – and the only show besides Orange Is The New Black that I’m eager to return to for a second season. And not just to see Lizzy Kaplan naked… although I can’t deny that has something to do with it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.13.29 PM

This soapy, serialized medical drama follows real-life 1950s sex research pioneers, Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, as they break barriers in the realms of sexual research… sometimes with each other. The settings and costumes rival Mad Men‘s in their stylish nature, and the actors are all fantastic. It’s fascinating, mostly historically accurate, and true to its premium cable nature in that it is quite literally about sex. I subscribed to Showtime for this show. I recommend you do too.



So I guess the morals of the stories here are: a) summer is not the time for comedy b) who needs network television in the summer? and c) start watching TV already! Because who likes to be behind the Internet Times about these things?



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