TTTV Summer Playlist: 2014 Edition!

Because all of us, we look like her.

Because all of us, we look like her.

It’s mid-July and the summer be bumpin’! Well, sorta… here in LA our June gloom has been prolonged into July gray-sky (totes a thing?), but that’s alright because everyone’s still determined to have a BBQ, anyway. So to pump you up for all the events where you wear a bathing suit and rightfully affirm that your body is awesome and that high-waisted suit is so On-Trend, here is the second annual Tube Top Television Summer Playlist: 2014 Edition! Not all these songs are the MOST current (haters), but we’re pretty sure they’ll enhance the mood we’re going for. Tracklist + explanations below!


1) 3005 — Childish Gambino

What, it’s a beautiful day and you’re a child of the digital age and are also sexually self-actualized? Mazel Tov!

2) Closer — Rush Midnight

Ready to hit those mean streets, because you’re a little bit disco, a little bit rock ‘n roll, and virtually bursting with the possibility of kisses and kickin ass.

3) Do It Again — Robyn & Röyksopp

Because nothing gets you pumped up like umlauts and Robyn’s sweet, sweet mmm mmm mms.

4) Boom Clap— Charli XCX

Life is a rollercoaster, and love is confusing. Feel the low lows and the HIGH HIGHS!

5) Can’t Do Without You — Caribou

Sometimes the best part of the summer party is stepping back and watching everyone enjoying and reveling in your particular environment. You sit on your poofy lounge chair cushion, everything’s in a bit of a Garden State haze as you watch your BFFs chat and you think about how much you love them, and then something (ie the chorus of this song) inspires you to pop up and go join the fun.

6) Shades of Cool — Lana Del Rey

This is for when you’ve had a little too much to drink and you go to your sad place. It happens, and Lana will always be there for you. Summertime sadness.

7) Armida — Lust for Youth

Time to get back on that horse. You’ve gone through a lot today. You’ve felt your feelings, but life is still good. Go join the fun.

8) Coffee — Sylvan Esso

This also has that hazy feeling to it. Please, for the love of god, someone make out to this excellent sexy jam.

9) The Man — Aloe Blacc

Please try riding in the car next to your significant other with this song blasting and try not feeling like 1 million bucks.

10) Turn Down For What


Enjoy, friends. Looking forward to tales of mid-summer lovin’.


Tube Top


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