“Toil and Till” Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 2

Well, we survived another week. And without anyone dying! I mean, anyone from the club. Of course tons of people died, but we’ll take what we can get.


And what we got was… intense. First, the usual twangy sound of the weekly Opening Montage was replaced by silence, then haunting, creepy music. While the whole “Jax wakes up shirtless to smoke a cigarette and brood” routine is pretty standard, the music felt unusual and creepy. While Jax stares at the sink in which Tara was stabbed with a fork and drowned, we cut to another shot of coldness and porcelain: Unser tied up in a bathtub, by Juice, also smoking a lonely, brooding cigarette. Gemma drinks some coffee with Nero while Wendy takes over Mommy-duty and offers to go visit Abel’s preschool. Nero will drive her because her car is on loan out.

Meanwhile, setting up their plan to “destroy Lin from the inside out,” – quick reminder: This plan was set in motion because Gemma told Jax & co. that she saw one of the “Yellow’s” cars driving away from the scene of Tara’s murder (a lie) – Tig and Rat sit on duty to spy on Lin’s gang and watch some guns get dropped off. Of course, when the trucks of guns drive by and Rat asks “will they see us?” Tig says no. He’s just a cheap guy on a cheap street getting some cheap head. And he shoves Rat’s head into his lap while the Chinese drive by. So, typical Tig, basically. During this time, Jax is meeting with August Marks, who explains that Jax can’t get revenge yet. If they start a street war, everything will come falling down and ruin Mark’s expansion plan. Too much attention, too much blood. All the bad things that come with a turf war. He advises Jax to be patient and alert, not to act on his emotions. “Clarity settles all scores, pays back all debts,” he tells Jax, AS WE THINK ABOUT HOW JAX’S MOM KILLED HIS WIFE AND MARKS IS SO RIGHT THAT JAX SHOULD PROBABLY CHILL OUT ON THE REVENGE KILLING FOR LIKE MAYBE ONE MORE DAY.

Wise words. Deaf ears. But for the moment, he agrees that he won’t enact revenge right away. Even though we know he’s already started.


Back at Wendy’s place, Juice grabs a knife and heads off to his captive. To kill him? Torture him? Kill himself? Nope, just cut off his restraints. Because apparently junkies don’t keep scissors around. Unser had no idea Juice was there, until the discovery of his bag from the last episode. “Old sins” are apparently the reasons why Jax wants Juice dead, but we all know that’s only a small part of Juice’s problem. Unser does the math and realizes Juice+Wendy’s apartment =Gemma helping out. Unser wants to know if Juice has a plan, which obvi he doesn’t, but why does Unser care? Because he’s Captain Save A Hoe! And he’s gonna help out.

Unser then goes to visit the new sheriff Aletha Jarry (the sharp looking Annabeth Gish) to offer his services as guidance counselor and SAMCRO historian, despite him previously turning down Patterson’s offer. She agrees and goes HR on his ass about paperwork, but as long as he gets Tara’s case file, he’s down for the title bump. Her first lesson? The club isn’t as white trash and stupid as she thinks they are, as Unser reminds her “Jax Teller is formidable. As smart as he is dangerous”. Oh how right you are!


Over at chez Gemma, Abel starts in with the 20 questions for grandma. Most importantly how she knows mommy is in heaven if she wasn’t there when she went. Well for starters kid, she was. But hey, Tara was an angel, who had to go to heaven, BECAUSE YOU PUT HER THERE! Real talk for a sec, this shit is getting seriously frustrating. Knowing she did it with all of the chips falling around her and the club. Anyone else feel the need to yell at their screen anytime she starts in with her lies?! Just me?

Jax meets with Jury (our Indian Hills chapter prez) to discuss the next steps. Jax lays out his plan. He’s going to dismantle Lin’s group, then kill everyone he loves, then kill him! Easy peasy. He used to want to cut ties with the things that were killing them, but now he’s diving right back in. See, Jax doesn’t have a vision anymore, just what’s right in front of him. Which includes two new local muscle guys, who were introduced to Jury by one of his whores. And they’re trustworthy, because apparently “whores” in this town know trustworthy dudes.

The gang hears back from the Tig and Rat show that Lin’s guys are down a private road about to do their gun deal. The posse rounds up and heads to the location with bails of hay and guns blazing. What ensues is a pretty epic shootout that leaves almost all of Lin’s guys dead, without them managing to hit one of the Sons. I suppose the Chinese never actually use the guns they are selling since they’re all terrible shots. One of Lin’s guys manages to get away and Jax and Chibbs are on the chase. Listen, I get that the Sons are badass and manage to accomplish a lot of a motorcycle gang, but you cannot tell me that anyone things Chibbs could actually hold onto the side of a pick up and swing himself back into the bed of it. You’re a bunch of heavy drinking, cigarette smoking, gun runners, not stunt men.


But I digress, Jax and Chibbs catch up to their mark and find out that Lin has been trading the guns for drugs  which comes as a surprise to Jax. But it ain’t no thang, since Jax is turning out to be 2 steps ahead of everyone else. Jax offers to split the drugs with Indian Hills and they are off, but not before getting the address of the hired locals to “give them money” for their job well done. Yeah, sure, something like that.

While the recreation of the wild west is happening, Nero and Wendy bond over their former junky ways. Wendy realizes that the more she hangs around with the Teller clan, the cleaner she feels, while Nero tries to keep his nose clean by always telling the truth, even when it might not seem like the best thing to do at the time. They go to visit Abel’s new preschool, as the nanny and gardener, because in Charming anyone can just go into a school. Although the last time we were at a school, things didn’t go so well.

Nero then goes to visit with Barosky and Oscar from the Mayans to see if they can patch up a deal for the Mayans to use Barosky’s dock for drug & guns. It’s a very heated conversation because Oscar hates dirty cops and I guess Barosky just hates everyone until they’re in business. Well, he hates them even when they are in business together, but the money makes it a little easier to get along. I have a feeling this relationship will end up blowing up sometime this season. Literally and figuratively, since there’s at least one major explosion per season.


Unser goes to meet Gemma to let her know that he knows about Juice, but he’s willing to help. He’s happy to hear that Gemma is helping Juice out as a friend, instead of ratting him out to the club. For a former sheriff, and as the guy who usually makes connections faster than anyone else on the show, he is blind as a bat when it comes to Gemma. Gemma doesn’t have friends (maybe except for Unser), why would Juice suddenly become one?? Gemma returns to Unser’s trailer with some tea, where she discovers Tara’s case file and Unser’s paperwork for his new consulting gig. This cannot end well for one of them, or really either of them, since this show likes to make sure there are plenty of bodies to clean up each episode.


Nero and Wendy are heading back to town when they’re ambushed by Lin and Oscar. Lin knows it had to have been the Sons that hit their exchange, or it’s Connor, as they were the only ones who knew about the deal. Nero realizes he’s in way over his head (and has been for some time now) when Lin commands him to find Jax and bring him to him so he can ask for himself. It’s going to be pretty difficult for Nero to keep his diplomatic immunity once all this comes crashing down.

After Gemma’s discovery, she talks to Juice about getting the hell out of dodge. He’s gotta GTFO now or else they’re both possible done for. The longer he stays, the longer he’s a liability, and Gemma can’t have an unstable Juice walking around to bring her down. She gives him money and a place to stay and he heads out. On his drive out of town, he calls Chibbs but then hangs up. I’m really not sure why he called Chibbs out of all people, since he is the one who was telling Jax not to trust Juice, but I’m sure we’ll find out a reason for this phone call later down the line. Which of course we’ll find out, because instead of opening the door to Gemma’s dad’s cabin, he lets himself back in to Wendy’s apartment. Oh Juice, you come up with the worst ideas.

Jax, Lin, and Nero meet to talk about the raid on their deal. Of course it wasn’t the Sons, what would they have to gain from it? Lin believes them for now, but they better be on the case to find the missing guys, guns, and drugs. Because if they don’t? He will rain hell down upon them. Which is fine by Jax, because he’s already started his own hell parade for Lin. I’m sure Lin will get some revenge, but most likely not before Jax brings down the proverbial hammer.

Jax and co go to visit the two locals from the previous raid to offer them compensation for their job. While they’re thinking they’re about to get some cold hard cash for a job well done, they instead get some cold hard bullets and Jax’s set up is off and running. They leave the drugs and call Lin to let him know where they can find the raiders and they’re off into the night. Unbeknownst to them, Jury comes to visit and finds the boys dead. His tears and the cradling of one of the guys makes me think he was much more than just a dude he met through some whores. I’m pretty sure he also realizes that the Sons are responsible for the set up since the drugs are there and it looks staged. There’s also a flash of recognition on his face when he sees the gun that one of them was “holding”.


We end our 2nd chapter with Jax coming to see his boys for the first time this season, where he cuddles Abel and sheds a single tear. I’m pretty sure it’s a “I miss my wife” tear, and not a “holy shit I’m killing everyone all over the place” tear, because I don’t think Jax has any regret about the plan he has set in motion. Misery loves company, and he’s got room for a lot of dead bodies. Speaking of, Tig mentions to Happy that they’re running out of body space in the forest, to which Happy replies “I know a thousand places to bury bodies”. Of course you do Happy, of course you do.

Well that’s it for this installment. I’m sure this goes without saying, but hey it’s my post and I’ll do what I want, but this season is going to be one cluster of a fuck. They really are going to have to find a new burial ground as the body count is only going to get worse before it gets better. Who am I kidding, it’s never going to get better. Until next time you crow eaters!

P.S. I’d like to give a shout out to @offtothegraces for helping with this post. Without you, this would just be a garbled mess of words with a bunch of pictures.


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