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2015 by the numbers.

Welp, 2015 is done.

A little over a year ago, after reading this fascinating article, my boyfriend and I decided to track everything we consumed in 2015. Okay, not everything. We left out talk shows, then mostly stopped watching them – RIP, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – and new music if it wasn’t a whole song. I left out podcasts, except Serial because it felt zeitgeisty and I wanted to include it; Nick included podcasts because he listens to a lot more of them. We left out Happy Endings and 30 Rock reruns, seasons of TV shows we never finished (sorry, The Americans! You’re on the list…), and sports (this is huge for Nick). I doubt we remembered to put in all the live events we watched.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.11.02 PM

To put this in context: as a couple we enjoy gamification. We track our steps (together) and our workouts (separately) and are both incapable of losing holiday weight without writing everything we eat down in MyFitnessPal. So, why not our content consumption? We used a google spreadsheet. We got a little bit competitive. We slowly became obsessed. Then resentful. We noticed ourselves prioritizing the completion of full TV seasons or finishing bad movies over writing, going on hikes, channel flipping, or simply watching whatever we really *felt* like at a given moment. It was interesting and enlightening and we said “for the grid!” way too many times to each other while allowing Next Episode(s) to automatically load on Netflix… YES OF COURSE WE ARE STILL WATCHING.

Anyway, here’s 2015 by the numbers –

46 Books Read

  • 28 audiobooks
  • 18 paperback/hardback/kindle, 9 of those for work

+ 24 Short Stories, Published Essays, Sold TV Pilots Read

  • These logged in the “Miscellaneous” category that got way too broad way too fast…

43 Movies, 34 Complete Seasons of TV Watched

5 Stand-Up Comedy Specials, 2 Miniseries, 4 standalone pilots (sorry, Bloodline, but I’m never coming back), and 6 short films.  

Other things I tracked poorly but did consume, include:

+ 2 Podcasts (Serial Season One, 3 Episodes of Invisibilia)

+4 Full Music Albums (Drake, Childish Gambino, Adele, and The Hamilton Soundtrack)

+ 21 Friends’ TV Pilots or other scripts (Unpublished, these usually involved note-giving).

And I’m proud of those numbers! Especially the books. Now, whenever I ask “where did all my time go?” I can point to my entire 2015 and say “Ha! I know where! 7 seasons of Parks And Recreation in one month is where!” which will feel good and comforting, in its way.

But I think in 2016, I need to discover the “pleasure” aspect of reading and watching again, and probably track something more productive like minutes spent writing instead.

*January 18th, 2016 – 30 minutes || Blog Post (1).


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