Tube Top Television is a pop culture blog that considers tv, movies, art, fashion, books ET.AL. somethin’ to talk about.

We’re writers, creatives, and media lovers. Read a little bit more about the Tube Toppers behind the posts below.

Rachel BioRachel Kraus


Rachel loves TV and the Internet and is scraping out a living in Los Angeles with some combination therein. She was wearing high rise Jorts and leather jackets before you were – she swears. Tube Top Television was her idea. Woo! You can find her tweetin’ at @realkrauswife.

gracebioGrace DeVoll


Grace DeVoll works as an assistant on a show about superheroes and often pretends to be Wonder Woman. When she isn’t watching, reading about, or writing TV, she enjoys making lists, playing dress up, and memorizing lyrics to rap songs. Please follow her on twitter @offtothegraces. It would really make her day.


Willie Myers


Willie Myers is a writer, improviser, and ex-expat living in Chicago, IL. He watches every television show ever. Seriously. Quiz him. His hobbies including Facetiming his dogs and aspiring to be in a British reality show based on regional stereotypes. When not writing about TV, Willie writes food puns and Cosmo articles at Where There’s A Willie and tweets @theresawillie.


Shanna Maibaum


Shanna Maibaum is an LA native currently attempting to assist her way up the entertainment ladder, all while trying to hold on to the last shred of sanity she has left.  Her interests include cute animal videos, iced coffee, and waxing poetic about TV.  Should you want to take a step into her mind, you can peep her on her twitter @ShannaRhimes.  A RT would make her day.


Hannah Withers


Hannah Withers is a freelance writer, audio producer, and improviser in Chicago, IL. She packs a powerful punch and a lot of moxie– if “moxie” can be defined as jokes about Charles Dickens, quotes from Wet Hot American Summer, and a really killer collection of sweaters. Henry Winkler once hugged her consensually. For a good time, check out @HBWithers on the twitter.com.


Reuben Moss

Contributor/Executive List-Maker In Chief

Reuben Moss is a musician, composer, teacher, sports enthusiast and judger of shit. He possesses above average athletic skills, but is small and not particularly quick, and tends to get picked toward the end in pickup games. Perhaps this is part of the reason he ranks things douchily. @Rottenreu but it’s probably not worth following me. Him.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.06.56 PM

Dan Millstein


Dan is the only person you know from New Hampshire, where his excellent performance in multiple spelling bees eventually led him to Northwestern University. He studied improv at iO before moving to LA, where he works for a talent management company, writes and performs sketch with RepoComedy, and jumps on trampolines. Tweet him @dmillstein.


Sydney Foos


Sydney Foos is a Production Manager at Freshwire. Here is some other, more relevant stuff about her: she’s a saucy Flamenco dancer, was born in heels, and is passionate about spirituality, the arts, and her beautiful apartment. She also enjoys living the independent life as a YHTS (young hot twenty-something) while she waits for Donald Glover to realize she is his ideal mate. If you can’t get enough of her, there’s more on twitter @SydFoos.


Additional Contributors: Mary GumportDana Kitchens, & Elise Kuo.

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